Hootsuite Reflection

When entering into the class, I have never heard of the platform called Hootsuite. After learning the skills proficiently through the course, I truly began to love the application. For those that don’t know what Hootsuite is, it is a social media dashboard that allows you to keep track of and manage multiple social media platforms all at once on a dashboard. This platform grants you the ability to schedule and manage all other platforms without having to leave the site to log on to each separate social media account. Everything is linked together and it makes life so much easier. For a business owner, or anyone seeking easier social media access, this is a dream come true. Hootsuite gives you so many options and endless possibilities at your disposal.

Learning Hootsuite was definitely a journey because at first glance, you can definitely become overwhelmed. However, going through the training lessons and videos, any beginner can master the ways of compiling the dashboard to the best of its ability. My favorite part about Hootsuite is being able to set up multiple and different streams. Streams are the information that I want to see when I choose each social media dashboard. There are multiple ways to set up your streams to your liking. One stream on the dashboard can be a list of all the people who favorite your tweets. Another option, could be certain messages that people are sending through Facebook. Each stream continues to build on to the other and gives you the option to lessen your workload. The next neat gadget is that on top of streams, you can set up different tabs. In the tabs section this is the “dash board.” In each tab, you add streams that weren’t already present in the previous tab. This gives you the ability to separate social media pleasure and social media from work. The fun doesn’t stop there, because you can even access the many other applications they have to download, so you aren’t restricted to just the basic social media platforms.

Give Hootsuite a try, and you won’t regret it.


Canvas of Light: Blog Reflection

I often find myself searching for inspiration in taking a better picture or getting a really awesome video shot. Not too long ago, I came upon the blog Canvas of Light. I didn’t really know what to expect, all I was looking for was a way to get better at what I do. Canvas of Light was definitely the key to success and is exactly what I needed. Canvas of Light is a travel blog that highlights on the world of photography skills and techniques. This blog was created by Daniel Nahabedian and man are his photos fantastic. Nahabedian is a photography instructor and loves to teach in group and private workshops to all many types of people. Whether you are beginner or intermediate, his teachings can make you explore the world of light you never thought was possible.

The purpose in creating this blog, Nahabedian wanted to give people a way to enjoy images through his travels and create an expansion in experiencing new cultures. As I was sifting through many of blog posts, I found that none of his photos were every dreary, dreadful, or downright depressing. Nahabedian wants people to understand that the world is beautiful in every way imaginable and that is why all of his photos are featured in some type of light. This light personifies everything that is good, true, and right in the world. It gives the expectation that this blog will give beauty, curiosity, and true photography knowledge to everyone that needs it. Each blog post features ways to capture objects like how to photograph the moon properly, and all the way to producing a simple stardust effect in your images. What is extremely interesting is that Nahabedian doesn’t just give you simple hints and tips to taking the better picture. In each instruction post he gives you everything down the specifics. The type of camera he used and even the sort of aperture, lens, and even camera rigs. I really enjoyed reading each of his posts and hopefully this blog can inspire others to go out and learn more about photography.

The Stardom of Twitter


Twitter is a free social media platform that allows all registered users to send out broadcasts or posts called tweets. This application allows each person to follow their friends, families, and their favorite celebrities. In return people can choose to follow your own profile, and are able to watch your posts and daily activities. Any post can be on the topic of anything. A secret, news, information, ideas, and any knowledge you want to share with your followers can be broadcasted. However, there is a catch. Only 140 characters are allowed, which include hyperlinks as well. What Twitter does, as I view it, allows users to come up with the best short post possible instead of giving them free reign. I think this character limit allows the chance for people to really think about what they want to say instead of continually drowning on and on a topic like on applications such as Facebook.

My experience on Twitter has been a bumpy ride. I joined Twitter back in 2009, and have been an avid user ever since. I love the application. I can follow my best of friends, which allows me to always stay in contact whenever I need to. I even follow my favorite comedians, websites, and celebrities, because I know they are going to give me a good posting experience. Twitter isn’t really something you can just pick up and learn right away. This platform does take some time to get used to. When I first started I was often stuck in the loop that you always had to post about what you were doing within every other minute. But, that isn’t necessarily true. What I gained from the class and learning through firsthand experience, is that Twitter is a social activity that allows the benefit of connecting with people. Sure you can post about what your favorite cereal is, or what time you took the dog for a walk, but in reality Twitter gives people the option to pay attention to what path your peers are going. It allows for comfort and trust with others, and grants accessibility to problems that couldn’t necessarily be solved anywhere else. I think Twitter has the potential to surpass Facebook one day, but right now I enjoy the platform for what it is.

Review on Cognitive Surplus

Cognitive Surplus was seemingly enjoyable because it focused on how people have this “surplus” of understanding, energy and time. The book created this world in which social media provided us this leisure time to create and engage with an audience on a massive scale. The writing was done efficiently and Clay Shirky, the author, put together analogies that could really relate to this days standards. The ideas offered throughout this book are sometimes interesting and relevant, because they contest against the attacks these kinds of technologies always have to face when they emerge. However in doing so, and in such a really short book, Shirky seems to disregard the fact about the social aspects of life. In short, all the cognitive surplus really talks about is the time you spend on the internet interacting, posting and creating, instead of sitting in your sofa watching television or enjoying the outdoors of nature.

The difficult with this method is that it forgets that people do not always want to interact, neither share, nor less create. We are fixed by a set of moods and behaviors, which change throughout every day of the week. He writes almost solely about the interactions we have on social media, online web sites, online collaborations and much more. What about all the other “active” pursuits that people do in shared settings? I don’t know if he purposefully forgot about other aspects of life, but to me, it seems he virtually ignores them. He is all about the internet, to the segregation of just about everything else. He does the book justice by presenting facts on the technological side of things, but where is rest. By the end of the book I felt that something was missing. There was a bad side to the book, however, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it well enough. I thought each chapter gave people reassurance for steps in guidance through the world of the internet and social media. Chapters that gave insight on motivation, opportunity, and means, I believe this book has something for everyone seeking a better path in technology.

Choose your own adventure – Who to follow on Twitter?

I have been an avid user of Twitter now for many years, but it never occurred to me about what people are the best to follow. I looked through my own list of who I monitored and decided to share who I thought we be a good icon to follow.

Starting off at number one, I would suggest following Ryan Reynolds. His twitter handle is @VancityReynolds. This man is hysterical! I hope one day when I reach the age of father status, I will have the same sense of humor he has with his daughter. Reynolds is not afraid to speak the truth, and he always shares 538b4f2eacf6bc122d4f7b7962141d52
his mind with a goofball sense of humor. For example posted a tweet saying, “After this morning’s diaper, my daughter finally earned the teardrop tattoo on her face.” Classic Reynolds fun at the expense of his daughter’s unfortunate problems.

Seth Rogen comes up at number two. His twitter handle is @Sethrogen. He’s funny, always in a great mood, and who could ever forget his significant laugh. He is one of the most dowseth-rogen-tweet2n-to-earth dudes. Rogen is always working on new movies and TV shows, and it is fascinating to see what ideas come from his man-child head. If you love the film industry, and enjoy constant tweets that provide hilarious humor, then this is the man to follow.

At number three, we have Emma Watson. Her twitter handle is @EmWatson. Watson is always accomplishing something. I really love watching someone achievf8f573e7472ea36955c1d1efbbe549d0e so much success at such a young age. One day she is a famous actor, the next she is a women’s right activist and serves as an ambassador of political issues. This honestly gets me to become extremely motivated. I would suggest following her if you seek a person of inspiration.

There are so many people on Twitter, but it is ultimately up to the user in finding what people interest them. I believe these three are some of the top people to follow, and I hope you have other people to share as well that provide an amazing Twitter post experience.

First Thoughts on Groundswell

The first several chapters of Groundswell have been extremely interesting. The book is aimed mainly at people who are apart of companies and business corporations, who may not be so savvy in the social networking world. I don’t think the book really applies to myself, but it does offer really give hints, tips and insights on those that want to grow in social platforming. Before this book, I never even heard of the word groundswell, but it really does a good job of explaining the definition and keeping you invested page after page. The overview of the concept of groundswell is that it is the notion that people are now getting information from other people online that could have otherwise received the information from brands. I believe that the power that was once in the hands of the companies has now been put into the hands of the consumers and more or less, the companies must now evolve and adapt to focus their brands around the consumers perspective.

This book is practical for any new marketers or communicators looking to understand the motivations behind online communities and social media. What the book does best is that it gives beneficial advantages in creating objectives and ideas to outperform any of the toughest challenges. I found that the case studies and statistics are a little outdated, but some of them are up to date to today’s standards. It really gets you wondering how much has changed in such a little time. I honestly believe that writing on anything remotely close to social media is hard because the times are constantly changing. However, the basic terminology and thinking are still relevant. There are so far a few instances of reiterating information, but so far the book grasps your attention and keeps you interested. I can’t wait to dive into the later chapters.

Individual Tech Exploration of Twitch

Twitch: The Introductiontwitch-logo-hed-2014

People have sat side by side for generations playing video games. As technology has evolved, we have adapted as well. Couch co-operative is a thing in the past and a new age is upon us as we have moved into an era of playing video games specifically over the internet. However, it does not stop there, because people are already too eager to not only just play video games themselves, but rather spend time watching other people play as well. Twitch, founded in June of 2011, is the world’s leading platform for viewing and spectating all things video game related. Each month, this social media platform continues to evolve, with an ever-growing population of 100 million community members per month and has the involvement of more than 1.7 million broadcasters. Twitch is a live streaming platform that not only caters to the fans on video games, but to the game developers, publishers, media companies and content creators as well.

What makes this platform so special?

Twitch provides an aspect that many social media platforms do not, and that is interactivity. Twitch is enjoyable because it gives the options of fans, friends and streamers to coexist with one another over their love for video games. Compared to Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, Twitch grants immediate response time because the chat stream is constantly being updated. While playing his or her video game, the streamer can instantaneously respond to comments being posted in the live stream chat. It doesn’t stop there, because the viewers can even speak to one another through regular chat speech, and they can even use .gifs and emoticons. What is extremely neat, is the way that Twitch integrates itself with other social media networks. Twitch can sync with Twitter and Facebook allowing your fans and followers the access to events you are partaking in or the exact time that you are scheduled to stream. Most professional streamers are making a living on this platform, so you know this application is doing something right.

What does Twitch have to offer?

People enjoy watching pros, enthusiasts, and developers play against or together in an online world. Along with watching your favorite streamer, there are many different sections Twitch has to satisfy any video game lovers need. Publishers and developers have their own certified twitch channel to allow insight on upcoming mods, games, and news. Every single media game website and reviewer can be located in the editorial tab. Events and E-Sports have their own sections for a constant competitive atmosphere, show floor activities, and press conferences. Charity is definitely a huge aspect of Twitch, because the platform has raised over millions for local and national charitable funds. Lastly, the games section gives the viewer the option of watching any and every game imaginable.

Here’s a video link on explaining how you can get involved with Twitch.